Lytham Organ Society

Welcome to the website of the Lytham Organ Society, home of the unique dual purpose Copeman Hart Digital Organ, at the Parish Church of Lytham, St. Cuthbert's.

Photograph by Peter Owen, Creative Photography of Lytham
The Lytham Organ Society was formed in 2006 with the purpose of promoting regular concert events featuring the Copeman Hart Digital Organ. This custom built organ was designed specifically for St. Cuthbert's Church and was installed in November 2005.
With the support of the Parish Church Council, regular monthly concerts commenced in April 2006, and an ongoing concert programme, featuring top national and international concert artists is being organised by the Organ Society.

The organ has been designed to be 'Dual Purpose' - on the one hand a 'classical' organ, in regular use for church services and classical recitals, whilst on the other hand a 'Theatre' organ modelled on the famous Blackpool Tower WurliTzer, complete with couplers and crescendo pedal. The result is astonishing. The concert programme features the organ in both 'modes' with a mix of Classical and Theatre Organists performing.

This website provides information about the Lytham Organ Society, the Copeman Hart Organ, details of forthcoming events and much more. For further information, please visit the 'Contact Us' page.